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Radio Silence - Solaristica [USC-WR-1312.0199]

Published December 30, 2013

Science has reached an impasse, proved to be futile and helpless. Man has mistaken, thinking that he can solve any mysteries of the Universe. Sometimes nature remains cognition superior, and the human desire to find dissimilar intelligence - just a desire to find an intelligence similar to human. Looking into the unknown of cosmos and not being able to comprehend it, a man discovers that he sees only a reflection of his own fears and desires.

01.Hello, New World! (1:48)
02.Solaristica (6:30)
03.About Us (4:21)
04.Every (2:43)
05.Immortality (4:33)
06.Hope (4:06)
07.It Was You (3:38)
08.As Snaut Says (5:30)
09.Time to Return (4:05)

Composed by Radio Silence. All instruments programmed, keyboards and synthesizers played, music written and arranged Alexey Markov. Painting and artwork by Anna Riet.

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